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Labuan Painful realization


Labuan Painful realization

  Painful realizationThe new tank is anxious

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  Fish Studies teach me Say: 1 How long have you kept the tank?
Yuyouwen_Dragon Say: ?
Fish friend legmz Say: what happened?Are you in a hurry?
Yuyou Stingray 001 Say: 1 Hey
Yuyou18337716686 Say: Xinfei is the current fish price. If you have to catch up with it for a few years, you do nt know how to raise fish anymore.
Yuyou Daydream 005 Say:
Yuyou love sad Say: Grief
Yuyou18337716686 Say: Your fish is a matter of water quality, ammonia is the real murderer
Guan Yu Say: Pitybuy intoHow to raise colorful angelfish and put saltCan the swordfish be kept together with the colorful~Fish mixed with colorful angelfish%Which is better to keep frog fish and colorful fish?$How much density of colorful angelfish is appropriate"The colorful fairy and what fish help!Blue Manlong colorful angelfish polyculture@Colorful angelfish with fish$ Negeri Sembilan Aquarium

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